“Everyone’s favourite flavour from one machine” 

Ever since the employees of Timmerije in Noordijk have also been able to enjoy fresh bean coffee in the production and assembly halls, the number of visits to the canteen has significantly decreased. “Previously, the only machine with fresh bean coffee was over there. All the other machines only offered instant coffee,” says Pim  Peeters, controller at the plastic injection moulding specialist. 

Those machines were recently replaced by Vendingland with new ones that offer both fresh beans and instant coffee. “Although the instant coffee was fine for some employees, other colleagues had a strong preference for fresh beans. They would increasingly go upstairs to the canteen to get coffee during the day. That prompted us to consider offering fresh bean coffee in more places,” says Peeters.


According to Peeters, coffee is like football. “Everyone has an opinion about it and their own favourite flavour. That’s why we conducted a survey among all employees to properly assess their wishes. It asked not only about their favourite flavour but also about aspects like how easy the machines were to use.”

The results of the survey were also discussed with the team at Vendingland, 

Timmerije’s long-time ‘coffee partner’. Peeters: “Together we looked for the best solution for us. Vendingland suggested machines that offer both fresh bean coffee and instant coffee, so that everyone can get their favourite type from the same machine. Fresh coffee, but also cappuccino, hot chocolate or mocha – they’re all available in the new machines.”

Everyone’s happy

The response from Timmerije’s close to 200 employees is very positive, Peeters reports. “That’s 

important to us. Not only because we want to take good care of our staff, but also because good, tasty coffee is important to our employees. The new machines from Vendingland have expanded the range of options, which is highly appreciated. Everyone is happy with the new additions.”

This satisfaction also derives from how easy the machines are to use. “The selection menu is clear and you can choose your preference in an instant. The control screen is clear and straightforward.”

Social and informative moment

Within Timmerije, the coffee machines also have a social and informative function. “Employees often have a chat with colleagues while waiting for their coffee. A cup of coffee certainly has a social element,” says Peeters. Moreover, the screens of the now-replaced coffee machines were used to inform employees.

“We could add content that was visible on the screens, like news about a new product, other ‘Timmerije news’ or world news. This was visible at the bottom of the screen. It was very handy and everyone was used to it.” Because the new machines don’t have this option, we have now hung screens next to the new machines to keep providing that information.” 

Loyal partner

Loyal partner The collaboration between Timmerije and Vendingland goes back many years. “We are a very satisfied customer and find Vendingland to be a loyal partner we can rely on. In the event of a malfunction, there is always a quick follow-up. Vendingland has really thought this through. For example, all new machines have a QR code. If there is an issue with a particular machine, we can scan that QR code and then the report is registered within a maximum of three clicks.”

According to Peeters, this is a great example of how Vendingland takes the pressure off customers and provides optimal support.

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