Expand your range with our smart freezer

Meet the latest addition to our vending applications: the smart freezer. This machine further expands the possibilities of your product range for your customers, visitors or guests. Via user-friendly touchscreens, they always have access to an extensive assortment of fresh and healthy frozen products. On hot days, they can even enjoy a refreshing ice cream or frozen yoghurt. With real-time data on the contents of the machines, product sales and replenishment can be automatically optimised. It is also possible to monitor the shelf life of products and apply automatic discounts. A sustainable solution to reduce waste.

Our smart freezers can be fully customised to the specific needs of your organisation. We offer numerous possibilities for personalisation and branding. Whether as a standalone device or beautifully built into a cabinet system, you can always count on a design that seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your company.