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With easy access to healthy food

At Vendingland, we consider it important to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for schoolchildren and students. Vendingland installs machines that make this easy, from sandwiches and fruit to vegetable snacks and healthy drinks. We can also adjust the contents of the machines to specific preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. With our focus on healthy food, we can help encourage conscious choices.

Canteen versus vending machine

Our machines are a very good alternative to canteens in schools, universities or other educational institutions. We offer a wide range of machines, including smart fridges and freezers, that give students convenient self-service access to salads, ice cream, fruit, yoghurt and more, without the need for staff or a canteen. In addition, the contactless payment system contributes to a safer environment. Our vending machines are available 24 hours a day, so students can enjoy healthy food and drinks between classes and even outside the canteen’s regular opening hours.


Our smart vending machines help reduce food waste. We can adjust the amount of food they offer to demand, so that less food gets thrown away. The machines are equipped with energy-saving features such as LED lighting and smart cooling systems. This reduces the negative impact of our consumption patterns on the environment and contributes to a healthier planet.

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Trends in Education

Secure and contactless payment

Whereas you used to feed your last coins into the vending machine, now you can pay easily, quickly and safely with your bank card, smartwatch or phone. These payment options ensure a pleasant and secure user experience.

Have you already seen our new vending machines?

Our new machines are created with an eye for design, attractive product presentation and optimal ease of use. Whether it’s snacks, drinks or meals, our machines attract every student’s attention. 

With vending machines, the options are endless

Our services:



No high purchase costs or the responsibility of ownership. Renting from Vendingland means affordable vending convenience. Want even greater efficiency? Choose a combination with our full-service options.

Full Service

Full Service

Opt for 100% convenience while avoiding unnecessary waste and discover even more possibilities of our full-service offerings! We remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time.



If you prefer to manage things in-house and have the experience and expertise to maintain vending machines, you can opt for full purchase. This is a one-time investment with no ongoing costs.