Healthy nutrition and adequate hydration are important for good athletic performance. At Vendingland, we understand that a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar won’t help much in this respect, so our smart vending machines contain a large assortment of fresh and responsible products, refreshing energy drinks and nutritious protein shakes. Vegetarian and vegan products or meals can also be added. We can customise and stock our machines to give your customers the optimal energy boost in all branches of your sports facility.

Which machine to choose for my gyms?

We understand that vending machines have to meet your customer’s exercise needs, so we offer a wide range of machines: from smart food and drink machines to smart fridges and freezers. Using innovative technologies, we can even serve fresh and protein-rich meals, with vegetarian or vegan options if desired. Ideal after a workout! And with our full-service package, we take care of everything for you and your staff, from restocking to resolving malfunctions. This way, your customers can always enjoy fresh and healthy products without the need for staff.


Besides customising the range of food products, we also provide custom designs for vending machines. If desired, we can incorporate your branding so that the machines fit perfectly into the sporty interior of your facility. Deluxe housing is possible, while the machines can also be equipped with a contactless payment system or waste shredder, for example. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Curious about the possibilities?

If you’re interested in our vending machines and want to know more about the options, contact us today.

Trends in Sport

Need for healthy and responsible nutrition

Good nutrition is important for athletic performance. Professional and amateur athletes are becoming increasingly aware of what they eat and its impact on their health and performance. We align with these developments through our healthy products in vending machines for sports centres, gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts, among other places. We also offer alternatives. 

Total concept and full service

The appearance of our machines can go in any direction to seamlessly fit the concept and preferences for your sports facilities. We offer a total service for our vending solutions, from the drawing board to satisfied athletes: design, installation and full management. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

With vending machines, the options are endless

Our services:



No high purchase costs or the responsibility of ownership. Renting from Vendingland means affordable vending convenience. Want even greater efficiency? Choose a combination with our full-service options.

Full Service

Full Service

Opt for 100% convenience while avoiding unnecessary waste and discover even more possibilities of our full-service offerings! We remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time.



If you prefer to manage things in-house and have the experience and expertise to maintain vending machines, you can opt for full purchase. This is a one-time investment with no ongoing costs.