Smart access to a quick snack;
that is the convenience of vending

Public Vending

Our smart and innovative vending machines offer a wide range of products at public locations, without your presence required. Our machines are perfectly suited for various indoor and outdoor locations such as petrol stations, charging stations, airports, train stations or other public areas of your business. 

Using advanced technologies such as self-service kiosks and modern payment systems, we ensure fast and efficient sales without the need for staff. Even when your business is closed, our products are available 24/7. To prevent vandalism, we ensure the machines are sturdily built. We also make sure our vending machines are highly visible, including the option of illuminated advertising.

Trends in Public Vending

We are happy to help with customisation

Vendingland provides tailor-made solutions. Together with you, we look at the ideal vending solution for your locations. We offer a wide range of options, from drink machines to smart fridges and even smart freezers. We determine the optimal assortment of products tailored to your visitors and consider which design best fits your organisation. 

Go for the healthy choice

There is an increasing demand for fresh and healthy products. At Vendingland, sustainability and health are priorities, so we offer a wide range of fresh and healthy options and of course products suitable for vegetarians, vegans or people with allergies.

Installing public vending machines

At Vendingland, we combine the best quality with an optimal user experience. We design, install and manage machines tailored to your needs and those of your customers. We give you insight into your sales data and trends, allowing you to easily optimise the assortment and prices to increase turnover.

With vending machines, the options are endless

Our services:



No high purchase costs or the responsibility of ownership. Renting from Vendingland means affordable vending convenience. Want even greater efficiency? Choose a combination with our full-service options.

Full Service

Full Service

Opt for 100% convenience while avoiding unnecessary waste and discover even more possibilities of our full-service offerings! We remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time.



If you prefer to manage things in-house and have the experience and expertise to maintain vending machines, you can opt for full purchase. This is a one-time investment with no ongoing costs.