From a quick snack
to a healthy meal


Vendingland’s machines give your employees more than just a quick snack to recharge. Our varied product range in food and drink machines offers not only traditional snacks but also fresh meals with vegetarian and vegan options, enabling you to provide your employees with a healthy lunch and dinner. In times when employees are working more flexibly and time-independently, this no longer poses a problem with our machines. Vendingland provides diverse and modern catering machines in all your office buildings, without the need for catering staff. Convenient, tasty and nutritious.

Smart vending machines in your office

Healthy nutrition is playing an increasingly important role in our society and our range of different vending machines reflects this. Our varied product range in food and drink machines includes not only traditional snacks but also healthy options and fresh meals. From drink machines to smart freezers. Our machines are fully customisable, from the design to innovative extras, so they fit your company perfectly.

The benefits of Vendingland

We offer a full service with our vending solutions. If desired, we design the machines with your own corporate identity, take care of installation and take charge of operational management. Using modern IT technology, we remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time. Moreover, your staff have access to a tasty snack or meal whenever they so desire. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Trends in Office

Hot meal at the office

As work becomes more place- and time-independent, it’s harder to align your office catering. Our solutions with smart vending machines ensure your staff always have access to a delicious meal tailored to their dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. 

Smart Fridge

Get a delicious fresh lunch from our easy-to-use Smart Fridge. Healthy, nutritious meals to continue work full of energy. Available any time of day and without catering staff. just like grabbing something tasty from the fridge at home. The stock is monitored in real time and discounted in good time, so no food is wasted.

Unlimited possibilities with the latest technologies

Expand your office facilities with our advanced smart fridges and freezers! These innovative machines can be fully adapted to your wishes and offer a wide choice of chilled or frozen products – perfect for your hybrid working environment. Want to know more about how these smart machines fit into your office concept? Contact us today and discover how easy and cost-effective it is to provide your employees with healthy meals and snacks.

With vending machines, the options are endless

Our services:



No high purchase costs or the responsibility of ownership. Renting from Vendingland means affordable vending convenience. Want even greater efficiency? Choose a combination with our full-service options.

Full Service

Full Service

Opt for 100% convenience while avoiding unnecessary waste and discover even more possibilities of our full-service offerings! We remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time.



If you prefer to manage things in-house and have the experience and expertise to maintain vending machines, you can opt for full purchase. This is a one-time investment with no ongoing costs.