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Vending machines are a smart investment for warehouses, manufacturing companies and other industrial locations. Employees in the industrial sector perform mentally and physically demanding work, so they need energy-rich food and refreshing drinks. With our machines, you can offer fresh and healthy products at any time of day. Moreover, we can customise our vending machines to perfectly meet the needs of your company and employees. 

Win-win for you and your employees 

Investing in our food or drink machines is not only good for the health of your employees but also for your company. Since the machines operate independently, you don’t need to invest your own time and energy. Our smart inventory management ensures that the machines are always well-stocked and reduces waste. Quick and easy access to a snack, drink or even a complete meal for your employees boosts your company’s productivity. That means a win for all parties.

Want to install vending machines?

Vendingland offers endless possibilities for customised vending machines. Choose for yourself which applications the machines should contain and how they should look, so as to perfectly match your company’s design. Want to know more? Contact Vendingland and discover how we can help your business.

Trends in Industry

Better health in physical professions 

A poor lifestyle can lead to increased sick leave among employees, which can have a significant impact on costs for you as an employer. Vendingland understands the importance of healthy nutrition and therefore helps make better choices. Our vending machines offer a range of healthy options such as fresh salads, fruit and mineral water.

Total supplier in every sector

At Vendingland, we have clients in a variety of industries. Be it schools, business service providers or sports facilities. We have years of experience in every industry imaginable. This includes the industrial sector. We understand that each sector has unique challenges and needs. That's why we offer a wide range of vending machines and custom options to meet those needs. Whether you are looking for a quick snack, a refreshing drink or a complete (hot) lunch for your professionals. We always have a suitable solution for your business. Contact us to discuss what this could look like within your company.

With vending machines, the options are endless

Our services:



No high purchase costs or the responsibility of ownership. Renting from Vendingland means affordable vending convenience. Want even greater efficiency? Choose a combination with our full-service options.

Full Service

Full Service

Opt for 100% convenience while avoiding unnecessary waste and discover even more possibilities of our full-service offerings! We remotely monitor the current stock, status and revenue of the machines and coordinate our local partners to replenish products in good time.



If you prefer to manage things in-house and have the experience and expertise to maintain vending machines, you can opt for full purchase. This is a one-time investment with no ongoing costs.