Winning Duo

780-cup hot drink machine. An attractive design with an interactive user interface, 21.5” touchscreen and built-in WiFi. Icon programming makes all operations simple and intuitive, while the fully customisable tablet interface allows the customer to upload images and videos and offer a wide range of drinks. Also available in the version with double bell for coffee beans and with automatic grinding control.

Powerful design in line with the Snack & Food models
• LED lighting of the photographic panels
• Addition of 2 types of coffee beans in the same machine
• 5 instant products for 4 mixers
• Traditional FAS EBG espresso unit
• 2 FAS professional MF1 grinders with flat blades
• Automatic recognition of own cup (optional)
• 650 cc boiler with mixing solenoid valve to differentiate the temperatures of instant products
• Rielda RS1 lock

Touch Interface Version
• 19” touchscreen
• Interactive customisable user menu (images, recipes, video, etc.)
• Graphically personalised menu and programming

Numeric Interface Version
• Metal numeric keypad with vandal-proof features
• Illuminated user menu with up to 89 recipes for maximum variety
• Option management: without sugar, with sugar, extra sugar, without pre-selection
• Centrally positioned display for maximum user visibility

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