G-Drink Design Hydro-lution

The G-Drink never stops evolving. Our most successful “Glass Front Vendor” ever is presented with a completely changed look. The spacious and brightly lit showcase ensures improved product visibility. An innovative keypad with extensive possibilities and brightly lit numerical keys ensures optimal ease of use in both light and dark environments. New user-friendly features provide a large display with blue letters and an easy locking system.

  • Touchscreen
  • Device with HC (R290) cooling system
  • Device with CO₂ cooling system
  • Rielda lock with special electronic code
  • Front glass protection
  • Security lock
  • Secured coin slot
  • Lockable cash box roof kit
  • Wall/floor mounting kit
  • Special cables
  • Kit EVA-DTS
  • Various mounting kits
  • Customisation
  • Personalised colour for the cabinet

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