Since the 1930s, SandenVendo has stood for reliability and top quality in cold drink machines. The recent market trend is returning to the robust, simple but functional ‘stack vendors’ – a segment where SandenVendo has been the point of reference and market leader for years. The traditional Bottle&Can machine from SandenVendo has undergone a restyling and is now also available in an elegant Design line that upgrades it with modern features and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, taking environmental sustainability into account, this line was developed with the HC (R290) Hydro Carbon version, which aims to use natural refrigerants.

  • Rielda lock with special electronic code
  • Secured coin slot
  • Lockable cash box
  • Wall/floor mounting kit
  • Special cables DEX/UCS kit
  • Various mounting kits
  • Customisation
  • Personalised colour for the cabinet

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